Perhokalastus Änättikoski Kuhmo

Kuhmon Rapids

Lentiira Fly Fishing Workshop I, II and III
June/July 2021

The rapids of Kuhmo and Lentiira Holiday Village provide a wonderful setting for this fly fishing camp. In addition to guidance and teaching, the camp includes fishing licenses for the rapids, accommodation in 4 persons cabins, breakfast, dinner and a gentle bath in the Holiday Village's smoke sauna.


The camp will focus on efficient nymph fishing, dry fly fishing and, if desired, streamer fishing. We also go through various fly fishing equipment, leaders, tippets, indicators, wading in rapids, fishing techniques and reading of the rapids.


We recommend this course for all fly fishers, from beginners to expert, as we tailor the content according to each fisherman's level, goals and skills!


The price of the camp is  € / person (incl. VAT). A maximum of 10 participants will be admitted to the camp. Exact dates and prices will be announced in the beginning of Autumn 2021.

incl. guiding, accomodation, meals, smoke sauna and fishing permits for Kuhmo rapids
incl. guiding, accomodation, meals, smoke sauna and fishing permits for Kuhmo rapids


Kuhmo, that is situated in the heartland of Kainuu, offers diverse fishing opportunities and especially it´s many rapids provide great experiences for fishermen. Consistent restoration and management of these rapids in recent years has made the Kuhmo one of the most interesting fishing destinations in Finland. During this fly fishing camp we will fish Änättikoski rapids, Pajakkakoski rapids and Saarikoski rapids. There a good possibility to hold in the end of your fishing line a grayling that weighs over 1kg, a big brown trout as well as really huge dace.


The Lentiira Holiday Village, welcomes fishermen cordially to their peaceful environment. They provide us comfortable accommodation, tasty meals and a smoke sauna at the end of the fishing day.

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Our partner Ruoto Oy is Finland's leading seller of fly fishing products. Good equipment is essential for hobbies, that why Ruoto and Palkes has tailored good deals for the participants who are looking for new wading and fishing equipment.

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Laadukkaat kotimaiset  perhokalastusvälineet toimittaa testiin Kuhmon leireille pitkäaikainen yhteistyökumppanimme Vision, jonka tuote valikoimasta löydät kaiken tarpeellisen perhokalastukseen.

Unfortunately it´s not possible to fish all the time, so after a day in the river, you can lay down on your bed to read a quality fly fishing magazine, Pohjolan Perhokalastaja. We provide the participants complimentary magazines at the lodge, without forgetting the good subscription deal!