Perhokalastus Kuusinkijoella

Kuusamo Area Guiding

Private Guiding

August 2020

Book us for a day or more and come with us to visit the best spots of Kuusamo area and learn fly fishing effectively. According to your wishes, we can concentrate in visiting different streams and lakes of the area or focus more in various fishing techniques.

We recommend private guidance for all fly fishermen, from beginners to veterans, as we tailor the content to each fisherman’s entry level, goals and skills! A gift card for private guidance is an unforgettable experience!

Price of private tour from 295 € / person / 8h (incl. VAT) additional persons 180 € / person / 8h



The Kuusinkijoki River is one of the most well-known brown trout rivers in Finland, in which these wild dotted fish rise every year to spawn from the Russia. Although the brown trout has created the reputation of Kuusinkijoki River, it is definitely one of the finest and most vibrant grayling rivers in Finland. The Kuusinkijoki River offers lost of diverse fishing conditions all through it´s 16 km length.n addition to the Kuusinkijoki River, we can also guide you on other Kuusamo rivers if you wish, ask for more!

WFFCH 2021

The 2021 Fly Fishing World Championships will be held in the rugged landscapes of Kuusamo from 11 to 18 August 2021. The river sections of the competition are fished in the Kuusinki and Ala-Kitka buoys and the target fish in these waters is grayling. In August Palkes guides are hands-on organizing the World Cup and guiding for international teams. For our part, we welcome everyone to watch the championship atmosphere and top fishermen by the rivers!