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Fishing Guiding

Do you want to get to grips with the basics of fly fishing efficiently and quickly? Or learn to fish the rapids of Kuusinkijoki, Kuhmo, Karkkila or somewhere else? Personal fishing instruction is then the right answer to your needs. We tailor the contents according to your needs, whether you came to fish alone, with a friend or with a larger group.


The power of our fishing instruction is based on personal, individual guidance. We provide instructions, advice and help so that you will definitely understand how you should fish. We update our own expertise every year with top international fishermen in the clear river waters of Europe and return to Finland with a backpack of new tips to share with our customers.


Palkes can also be booked to guide you and your friends to different fishing spots that you don't know or that you find difficult to fish. We have extensive experience in Finland's various river waters and we offer site-specific guidance both in the south and further north.

If you want to learn as much as possible in a short time, personal guidance designed just for you is the most effective solution.Gift certificate private counseling will surely put a smile on the recipient's face for a long time. Welcome to fish with us! 

Prices from €220/person/3h (at least 2 participants), ask for an offer!


"Vietin Petrin ja Kanervan opastuksella pari päivää Kuusingin upeissa maisemissa. Parin päivän aikana sain oppia koskenlukemiseen, kalastusvälineistöön, perhoihin sekä kalastustekniikkaan (nymphing). Opastus oli huipputasoa, iso peukku! 


“Really great Guiding. Take a good look about your skill, and focus on what's missing or needed to practice.  They don't hide tips. Highly reccomend if looking fly fishing learning or Guiding.


"Kesällä 2019 olin perhokalastus leirillä Kuusingilla Petrin ja Kanervan opissa. Leirillä pääsi perehtymään perhokalastuksen eri muotoihin, välineisiin ja Kuusingin huikeisiin koskiin asiantuntevien (ja pitkäpinnaisten) oppaiden johdolla. Hyvä porukka kurssilaisia ja maha oli kipeänä nauramisesta. 

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