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Karkkila Karjaanjoki kirjolohi
110 €
includes a special fishing permit for the area

Karjaanjoki Karkkila
Beginner fly fishing course
Sat 10.6.2023

Palkes' already traditional, popular and effective beginner fly fishing course will be held in 2023 at Pitkälänkoski in Karkkila, Sat 10.6. from 12:00 to 18:00. It is a compact course that goes over all the necessary equipment and supplies, practices different casting and fishing techniques and, if everything goes well, of course catching the fish and finally handling the catch.


We recommend this course to anyone interested in starting fly fishing or reviewing and improving basic techniques.


Start a great hobby with the course and you will immediately increase your knowledge and skills to the required level! The fly fishing course is also excellent gift.


A maximum of 8 participants are accepted for the course, so that we can guarantee sufficiently intensive teaching. Book your place in time. 

Fly fishing workshop
16.5.2023 from 17:00 to 20:30

In the evening workshop, you can learn the basics of fly fishing, improve your casting and fishing skills, or even learn how to fish on the Karkkila river. The effective evening workshop takes a maximum of 4 participants and its duration is 3.5 hours. .

110 €
includes a special fishing permit for the area


The Karjaanjoki watershed begins in the lake highlands of Häme and flows through western Uusimaa, finally ending up in Suomenlahti. It flows most rapidly through the Karkkila area as the Karjaanjoki. Karjaanjoki below Lake Pyhäjärvi in Karkkila has three rapids important for fishing: Myllykoski, Pitkälänkoski and Maijalankoski. In addition to pike, perch and roach, the area has a naturally protected trout population and a maintained grayling population. In the Myllykoski and Pitkälänkoski area, approx. 1000 kg of catch-sized rainbow trout are planted each year for the pleasure of recreational fishermen.

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