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Fish and Fun

Our company's name Palkes comes from the Sámi word "päälgis", which means a path. We want to be part of your path to your well being by offering possibilities to find it through fishing experiences and other program services.


Behind Palkes you'll find us, Kanerva Kilpelä and Petri Virolainen. We are active competitive fly fishers and passionate wildlife enthusiasts. Over the years, we have won numerous national and even one international medal in fly fishing. In addition to competing, we update our fly fishing skills every year abroad with some of the top international fly fishermen. Our versatile educational background, from nature guide to professional teacher, is another of our strengths, and we guarantee that you will always learn something new with us, whether you are a novice or an experienced fly fisher.


Our areas of operation for fishing guiding during the summer are mainly Kuhmo and Kuusamo areas and Southern Finland. In addition to fly fishing guiding, we offer fun and interesting program services in Southern Finland.

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