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Karkkila Karjaanjoki kirjolohi

Karjaanjoki Karkkila

Fly Fishing Start Course

Spring/Summer 2022

110 €
includes a special fishing permit for the area

The popular and effective fly fishing start courses, which has already become a tradition, will be held spring 2022 in Pitkälänkoski rapids at Karkkila. On these intense courses you will get to know all the basic equipment and supplies you need for fly fishing, learn and practice different casting and fishing techniques and, if you are lucky, learn to catch, tire and net a fish.


We recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting fly fishing or who wants to learn and improve the basic techniques of fly fishing.


Start a great hobby with this course and you will immediately gain the knowledge and skills you need! A fly fishing course is also a great gift.


A maximum of 10 participants will be enrolled in this course so that we can guarantee a sufficiently intensive teaching.

If the course is fully booked, maybe a private fly fishing guiding would suit you. Contact us and ask more.

Perhokalastuksen työpaja
16.5.2023 klo 17-20:30

Iltatyöpajassa voit oppia perhokalastuksen alkeita, parantaa heitto- ja kalastustaitojasi tai vaikka oppia kuinka Karkkilan joella kannattaa kalastaa. Tehokkaiseen iltatyöapajaan otetaan enintään 4 osallistujaa ja sen kesto on 3,5 tuntia. .

110 €
includes a special fishing permit for the area


The Karjaanjoki River basin starts in the Häme Highlands and it flows through western Uusimaa, eventually ending up in the Gulf of Finland. There are three rapids in the Karjaanjoki River below Karkkila's  lake Pyhäjärvi: Myllykoski rapids, Pitkälänkoski rapids and Maijalankoski rapids. In addition of a good amount of pikes, perches and roach fish, the area has a stock of wild brown trout and a graylings maintained by stocking. Also approximately xxx kg of rainbow trout are stocked annually at the Myllykoski and Pitkälänkoski areas for the pleasure of recreational fishermen.


Our partner in the Karkkila fly fishing starting course is Ruoto Oy, Finland's leading seller of fly fishing products. Good equipment is essential for hobbies, so Ruoto and Palkes has tailored good deals for those who are looking for new wading and fishing equipment.

RuotoFiWhiteGreen50cm varjo2_linssiheija

High-quality Finnish fly fishing equipment will be delivered to the Karkkila course for testing by our long-term partner Vision , whose product range includes everything you need for fly fishing.

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